Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Conehead

Yikes, I'm wearing a cone around my neck! I remember when my cyberdog buddy Ditto had to wear a cone. I sympathized with him externally but chuckled internally. Now I'm a conehead too!

Mom got me the x-large e-collar yesterday but my big nose stuck out of it so she had to exchange it today for the xx-large e-collar. At least this one is clear and not purple like the other one.

I have to wear the cone because I am gnawing on a sore on my leg and making it worse. I just do what I gotta do and now I can't do it! At least I can still eat treats and ice and drink water.

Luckily Mom lent her camera to a friend so she can't take a picture of me. We are going to a GSD Rescue party tomorrow I sure hope I don't have to wear this stupid headgear at the party. Well, maybe it's a good thing. It will make me the center of attention which usually leads to treats!

Pet Botanics E-Collar


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