Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Foster Dog Report Card

Today Mom got a weekly report card form from the "authorities" at GSD Rescue. I didn't get to see what she wrote, but below is a copy of the report questions. Since I have been a very good dog, maybe the best dog ever, I know that Mom wrote a glowing report about me! It feels good to have so many people concerned about my welfare and working hard to find me a wonderful forever home. In the meantime, I certainly am enjoying myself with my foster family.


Dog Name:
Completed by:

1.Physical condition of the dog, noting any changes:

2. How is the dog with people in your house, children and adults? Note changes.

3. How is the dog with people outside the house? Note where you have taken dog and how he or she has behaved.

4. How is the dog with toys, bones, pig ears, food, etc, around people, and other dogs? Note any resource guarding issues if you see them.

5. How is the dog with other dogs out in public? Note any changes, new activities you have done with the dog.

6. How long is the dog alone when the people are gone, and where does the dog stay? Are there other dogs with him? Please describe how the dog settles in (or not) or behaves when left alone.

7. How is the dog progressing with obedience and housebreaking?

8. How does the dog travel in a car?

9. How would you describe the basic personality of this dog? Note any changes.

Note to fosterers: where something is unchanged from the previous week, go ahead and note that, rather than reiterating all you said the week before.


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