Monday, November 22, 2004

The Training Lessons

Mom's back from Argentina.

She has decided that I need some training. So early in the morning we go for a training walk. I am just learning the basics now -- heeling and sitting -- but I'm doing great! I already had terrific manners when it comes to meeting strange doggies and people...I don't bark, pull at the leash, or anything bad. In fact, all I do is prick up my ears! But I tend to wander all over the place on the leash -- in front, in back to the side, etc. I'm learning to stay glued to Mom's left side and to sit down when she stops. I've only had two lessons but Mom is already very pleased. She says I'm the smartest and best dog in the whole wide world! It helps that she gives me treats -- raw baby carrots -- constantly thru the training session.

Mom feels guilty just training me when the other dogs also need a refresher course so she is taking each of them out alone too. She says Buffy is the worst, Pumpkin is the best, I'm in the middle. And Elsa? Elsa is so old and gets so much joy out of sniffing that Mom lets her do whatever she wants on her training walk. Not that I mind; I like to be obedient and make Mom happy!


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