Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Hard Boiled Egg

Mom is mad at me. Poor me, I have a nose connected directly to my stomach. It's just the way I am.

What happened is Mom bought a delicious salad at Whole Foods and brought it home to eat (aha, you are thinking, mistake number 1). Mom has wised up to me and when she brought in her salad she put it way, way back on the counter, all the way against the wall (oh, right, mistake number 2). Then she went back out to the car to get the rest of the groceries (geez, will she every learn! mistake number 3). While she was out I put my paws on the counter and made a little leap -- and got a hold of the salad box. (Big surprise, duh) But I'm not completely insensitive, so instead of spilling the entire salad all over the floor, I just picked out the parts that I liked, including a wonderful, tasty, hard boiled egg. When Mom came in and saw the salad still sitting on the counter, although open, and me licking up lettuce on the floor, she wasn't happy but she figured as long as I hadn't knocked the whole thing over she wouldn't be too upset. But when she discovered the egg was missing, she kind of got mad at me. She waggled her finger at me and told me to keep my big nose where it belonged...and it didn't belong in her food.

Aahhh, it's hard being a good dog all day, especially when my nose has a mind of its own.


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