Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Walk

Finally, we went for a walk! It was going to be just Mom and me, but Buffy ran out too and Mom figured it was easier to take him along rather than get him to go back in the house. Elsa and Pumpkin were not happy about this...Elsa barked and Pumpkin whined but Mom steeled herself to their pitiful entreaties and off we went.

I am a good walker! I don't pull on the leash and I come along well. I kind of wander around though following my nose so a bit of training will be good. We encountered other people walking and even a group with an Australian Shepherd, but I didn't cause any problems. I paid attention to them but I didn't bark, pull on the leash, or show any signs of causing trouble.

Just more input to prove that I am the perfect dog.

Well, not quite perfect. Mom wasn't happy this morning when she found a puddle on the threshold between the garage and the house. She couldn't even figure out when I made the mess since I managed to pee in both the garage and the house. It must have been before we went to bed last night. I wish I knew why I did it. But one mistake is OK as long as I keep improving. I was a yard dog only adapting to the house takes time. I just am so mostly perfect that Mom was pretty surprised.


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