Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Tail Wag

Today I wagged my tail. I know what you are thinking. "A dog wagged his tail!? This is supposed to be news?! It's not even news when the tail wags the dog!" But in my case it is news, because I have not wagged my tail before, at least not since I was rescued. I can't really tell you why not...maybe I'm just not much of a tail wagger, although Mom can't think of any dog she has ever met that didn't wag its tail. So maybe it's because I'm getting more comfortable.

Anyway, as far as tail-wagging, there is certainly plenty of it in this household. Pumpkin's tail really does wag the dog. His whole rear end wiggles. Constantly. Buffy also wags his tail all the time like a windshield wiper. And Elsa...she is the champion of tail-wagging, mainly because she has a tail that is as powerful as Arnold's bicep. She knocked Buffy down once with her tail. And when she lies on the floor and wags her tail, which she does all the time since her favorite position is completely flat on her side, she wags her tail onto the floor and the slapping sound is frightening. Kind of like a cannon boom. Of course I've never heard a cannon boom but if I had, that's what I would think it was.


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