Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Poem about Sam the Buddha Dog

Well, I don't know anything about poetry but Mom found this poem in the Woofer Times and she thought it was beautiful. It's about another dog named Sam.

Finding Sam the Buddha Dog

What about this steady drift
Towards bitterness, Dogen Zenji?

What about the pernicious nature
Of our dissatisfaction,

The poignant and unshakeable
Belief that life can and should

Be better: happier, healthier
More just and certainly kinder?

All this stirs and rustles in me
Like creatures of the night.

I wake up feeling forlorn and
Hungry for the old connections

To my children and my husband
To neighbors and enemies

To relatives, alive and dead
To the beginning and the end

To my pepper tree out front and
To Sam the Buddha dog long gone.


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