Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Medical Diagnosis

I went to the vet today. Saw Dr. Dave Roos, the founder of Adobe Animal Hospital. Dr. Roos checked me out (no fun, he and Kelly pinned me to the floor while Mom and Pumpkin watched and wimpered). I screamed bloody murder but Dr. Roos and Kelly said that I was just a big baby and nothing they were doing actually hurt me. Well, that's what they say! Dr. Roos has a diagnosis for why my back legs are wobbly and the left one is dragging. He said I have degenerative myelopathy. I'm just a dog so I don't know or care what this means. Mom and Kelly looked miserable but they are humans and frankly I think they should live more for the present and not worry so much about the future.

Dr. Roos (right) with another patient.

After I got back in the car Mom took Pumpkin and Buffy in to have their nails trimmed. Yikes, talk about complainers. They yapped about what a terrible experience they had all the way home. Only Elsa got to stay in the car the whole time. Mom lets Elsa get away with everything just cause she's so old.

None of this vet stuff had any effect on our appetites. We all gobbled down our meals as fast as possible, like usual.


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