Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Onion-eating and Beer-drinking Dog: WARNING ONIONS ARE TOXIC TO DOGS

*** WARNING ***

Update Monday 8pm PT

Mom is looking into this right now. I ate the onion yesterday; about 26 hours ago. Thanks to China for alerting Mom to this problem!

Mom just called the animal poison hotline at 888 232-8870 and spoke with Dr. Meadows. The vet says I ate .5 of my body weight (6 ounces of onion and I weigh about 80lbs) which is at the very bottom of a dangerous amount. Dr. Meadows told Mom to watch my gums to make sure they don't go pale, and if they do to take me to the vet where I might need a blood transfusion. Apparently the bad effect of onions doesn't show up for a couple days to a week or more so Mom is now going to worry about me for days. Tomorrow she will take me in for a little blood test to make sure I am not anemic, which is the bad thing that happens when a dog eats an onion.

Gosh I sure am a lot of trouble.


More on onion toxicity in dogs

Update Monday 9pm PT

The local emergency room vet called and said she was not worried about a 80lb GSD eating an onion. Mom looks relieved. I'm wondering if maybe I could have another one!

Mom is now drinking the beer she bought for me!

Update Friday 10am PT

Article in the San Francisco Chronicle about onion toxicity in dogs:
Onions a little-known threat
Sophia Yin, DVM
Saturday, December 21, 2002

Yesterday's post before I knew onions were bad for me.

Wow, today I had two great treats.


First, a whole onion! I got a hold of this onion outside. Mom had just put me into my wheels and I spied the onion, with the cute little sprout coming out of the top, over in the garden. Apparently Mom decided this market-bought onion was going to have a new life in as a decorative edible in the front yard, but I changed all that. I made a mad dash for the onion and got the whole thing in my jaws. Mom tried to get it away from me because she was afraid I would choke on it but no way I was going to let go. Mom kept trying to pry my powerful jaws open but of course she was not successful. I bit the onion in half and swallowed it. Yummy!



Second, a pint of beer! Mom's friend Jackie says her doggy, Sioleiligh, also was a champion night whiner and a "pint of Guinness with dinner worked wonders". So now I'm a beer-guzzling canine. Mmmmm...delicious. Mom just hopes this helps me sleep thru the night rather than pee thru the night.

Last night I woke up at 11pm, 1am, and 5am. I whine and make little barks until Mom gives me a snack. I don't know what the big deal is but Mom says this is ruining her sleep. Oh, since I can't walk Mom also has to put on my muzzle, leash and harness and take me outside to do my duty. Poor Mom. I'm a lot of trouble.

Well, perhaps tonight I will sleep away in a drunken stupor. I hope so!


At 8:47 AM, Blogger Cal the Wonderdog barked...

Wow, Guinness. My sidekick drink that. Are you sure it's okay for dogs to drink that? 'Cause if it is, I want to try another beer called "Old Leghumper" which is one of my sidekick's favorite microbrews.

Please let me know the results of your beer drinking . . .



At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...


We (and our Mom) are glad to know you are doing okay. We hope the beer helps and you get a good night sleep.

Mia and Ghost

FYI... Mommy said we needed to tell you that we are both kitties and not dogs.

At 2:23 PM, Blogger Splash barked...

Sam I LOVE beer! My personal favorite is whatever I can get hold of, but my big bro Mike prefers Miller Lite. Gotta watch that figure!

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Heidi barked...

I love da beer. But dey von't let me have much. So I sneak up under their outside chairs vhen dey put da beer on da ground and lap,lap, lap..........until someone sees me. It's nice being little cause ya can schneak da beer vhen deir yaking and such.

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog! barked...

Well maybe we should have a doggie beer fest!

Mia and Ghost -- I love kitties, especially up close and personal.


At 7:29 PM, Blogger China barked...

I don't wanta alarm you, Sammy, but my mom says that she's heard that onions are very bad for pooches. Unfortunately, she can't remember where she read or heard that. Perhaps your mom could look it up on the net.

Since you're so big and you only ate half an onion, you'll probably be okay, but you might want to check the net about that. dad drinks beer every once in a while. He let me lick his finger once after he dipped it in his beer, but I didn't like it. Same thing with wine. Like ol Bela, I don't drink...vine. ;)

-Woof! (China)

At 9:14 PM, Blogger Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog! barked...

China, you are right! Onions are toxic to dogs! Mom panicked and went on an information-gathering frenzy calling the animal poison hotline, the local emergency animal hospital, and posting to the degenerative myelopathy group. She found out a lot of stuff and I updated this post.

Thanks for being such a good cyberdoggy blogging buddy!


At 3:52 AM, Blogger China barked...

I'm glad your Mom was a better researcher than mine last night! (My mom was sick as a! yesterday and a bit woozy)

She says there's a great website about dog nutrition that a friend of hers put together. You can find here:

She says there's tons of good info about doggy nutrition and how it effects a doggies health. There's also a great message board where she and I and a lot of my other cyber-dog buds hang out. It's fun!

Oh, Mom says that grapes are bad for dogs too. And walnuts, but that's all she can think of off the top of her head.

Grapes. Bleach. Who would want to eat those anyway?

-Woof! (China)

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Ms. Maddie barked...

Woof Sam,

Glad to here that you will be ok after eating an onion. I gave my parents a scare when I ate several grapes. Grapes are also not good for doggies and I ate quite a few and am much smaller than you are.


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