Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Improving Patient

It's me Sammy! I'm still in the ICU at Adobe Hospital. Mom came to visit me today at 6pm and I overheard her talking with my vet, Dr. O'Day. The vet says I still have a high fever (103.9) so I have to stay in the ICU till tomorrow. Then I'm going to move over to the high maintenance boarding section so that Mom can take a short trip to Missouri. I'm not happy Mom is leaving me here for extra days but she says she has to find us a new place to live. Well, we gotta have a home!

Mom brought me a banana and I got to eat the whole thing all by myself, -- no forced sharing with Elsa and Pumpkin (Buffy doesn't like bananas). I begged for the peel but Mom just dangled it in front of me and laughed at me and then threw it in the trash. Dang.

Dr. O'Day put me on two new medications (along with all of my antibiotics to cure my pneumonia). These new medications -- DES and Proin, are to help me control my bladder. I've got a catheter in right now and will keep it in till I go home. Mom says she is really eager to see if these medications work.

There are some luscious felines here -- all of the doggies are on one side of the ICU and the cats are on the other side. This means I have a great view of some of the kitties. I particularly like to watch the kittens -- they look like they would be especially yummy. I stare at them longingly but so far none of the help has bothered to toss me one. (No offense intended to my felines fans -- I'd love to chomp on your soft furry lithe bodies too!).


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