Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Boring Day

Today was boring. Mom either had meetings or worked on the computer all day. Jeff put up screening around the aviary to keep mosquitos from biting the parrots and giving them the West Nile Virus. Elsa got to go to the coffee shop this morning with Mom but the rest of us had to stay home. I'm not following Mom around the house as much as before. She was really interesting at the beginning, something new and different, but now I have my own things to do, or rather, since I'm a only a dog, things not to do. Mostly I hang out in my bed or with the other doggies now.

Dinner was delicious though. I don't know how long Mom is going to make the chicken and carrot stew but I sure enjoy my meals! I jump up a bit to try to reach my dish when Mom is carrying it. She doesn't like me to do that for a number of reasons, one being that I tend to slip and slide around on the wood floor. I sure love to eat!

Maybe tomorrow I will get to go for a walk!


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