Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Instructions on Dog Blogrolling!

If you would like to join the Dog Blogroll or copy the Dog Blogroll to your blog here's the instructions.

To add your blog to the Dog Blogroll

You must be a DOG. CATS are NOT allowed under any circumstances. This is a DOG-only Blogroll. Woof!

Send an email to me:, and give me the link to your blog. I will add it in my spare time between naps.

Cats are NOT welcome as members of the Dog Blogroll!

To add the Dog Blogroll to your blog:

Anyone can do this. You do not have to be a dog. Even cats are welcome to have the dog blogroll on their feline blog.

Go to "view source" of my blog and search for "Dog Blogs". Find the instance that is on the same line as "sidebar-title". Copy the line below which starts with the word "script" and ends with the word "script". You can copy this into either a post entry or your template.


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