Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Old Volvo

This is Mom's car. She's had it 19 years. It's a 240 GL Volvo that she bought in 1986 for $16,000. Mom has taken very good care of her car all these years. But the poor Volvo may be on its last wheels.

Last week I pooped in the back seat -- twice. I have to admit I made a terrible stinky mess both times. Mom was going to take a photo but I talked her out of it.

And yesterday the Volvo motor stopped dead right when Mom was on the onramp to the 101 Freeway. Luckily she was able to coast down a slope to park on the side of the road. Then she had a tow truck come and tow the car home. I just hope my pooping didn't have anything to do with this new big problem.

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